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Public Assistance Integrity Act Petition


    Senator Greg Ball is co-sponsor in the Senate of the "Public Assistance Integrity Act," which would prohibit welfare recipients from using cash assistance to purchase tobacco, alcoholic beverages, lottery tickets or to gamble. To read the bill click here.

    “New Yorkers are always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. But we don’t like seeing taxpayer money being wasted. That’s why I co-sponsored “The Public Assistance Integrity Act”, which will prohibit welfare recipients from using EBT cards to be spent on items like cigarettes, alcohol, and lottery tickets, and would also prevent the use of EBT cards to make ATM withdrawals from places like liquor stores, casinos and night clubs,” said Senator Greg Ball. “This common-sense bill would ensure that families in need get the temporary support they require, while also protecting hard-working taxpayers from abuse.”

    Welfare recipients receive both food stamps and cash assistance, which are both frequently administered through the EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) debit card. Cash assistance allows individuals to purchase essential items that cannot be obtained using food stamps, such as paper products and school supplies, and to help defray the cost of housing and energy expenses. However, recipients can also and use this cash assistance to buy cigarettes and beer, or even to fund an afternoon at the race track or an evening at a local strip club.

    To learn more about how public assistance is being misused for gambling, lottery, cigarettes and alcohol, click here.

    Last year, the New York State Senate passed the Public Assistance Integrity Act, but the Assembly version died in committee.

    What the Public Assistance Integrity Act does

    1. Prohibits the use of Public Assistance to purchase alcoholic beverages, tobacco or lottery tickets.

    2. Prohibits the withdrawal of Public Assistance at certain locations - liquor stores, casinos, and establishments providing adult-oriented entertainment.

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