Senator LaValle’s Petition for Support of the Common Core “Truth in Testing” Legislation


    Dear Governor Cuomo and Members of the Legislature;

    We support Senator Ken LaValle’s “Truth In Testing” legislation for full disclosure of student exams.  The current debate on Common Core testing illustrates the need to ensure that mandated tests are fair, unbiased, grade-level appropriate and administered properly. Parents have a right to know that their children and teachers are being evaluated appropriately.

    Senator LaValle’s “Truth in Testing” initiative will result in openness not currently found in the high-stakes testing dialog, but that is a necessary component to any student testing. 

    We support this legislation that will require annual reports and analyses concerning:

    • The effectiveness of Common Core state tests in enhancing student learning and performance;
    • The fairness and appropriateness of test items for each grade level, including the percentage of test items found to be above grade level;
    • The correlation between test scores and grade point averages of test subjects taking Common Core state tests;
    • A statistical analysis of student performance based on socioeconomic, gender, race and ethnicity and regional factors;
    • The effectiveness of the test agency as the test development vendor;
    • Factors to be considered in determining whether to continue with the current test agency or other vendor as a test agency or utilize Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests in 2015;
    • Require the State Education Department to survey school administrators and teachers on a variety of issues surrounding Common Core testing;

    With so much importance placed on state mandated exams and with a new curriculum being used as a basis for such exams, it is imperative to ensure that the tests are fair, appropriate for each grade and unbiased.  We urge the Legislature and the Governor to Support Senator LaValle’s legislation, (S5540) for proper “Truth in Testing”.