Senator Little Provides Information and Seeks Constituent Input on Governor's Budget Proposal


    "Information is the currency of democracy." -- Thomas Jefferson

    With our State clearly facing serious fiscal and economic challenges, it's important for all New Yorkers to get the facts about Governor Andrew Cuomo's proposed Executive Budget for 2011-2012.

    My Senate colleagues and I have begun carefully reviewing the Governor's plan to determine its potential impact on taxpayers, our local communities, and New York's economic future. You can help play a role in this process by reviewing the budget briefing documents below, and then providing me with your feedback on the plan.

    Budget 2011      Budget 2011

    Joint Legislative Budget Schedule
    A timeline of all the major upcoming milestones for creating the budget. Both the Senate and the Assembly have agreed upon this schedule.

    Key Senate Budget Initiative
    - Spending Cap/Job Creation Plan

    The Senate passed the Job Creation and Taxpayer Protection Act of 2011, a three-part plan to encourage the creation of new private sector jobs and ensure fiscal responsibility, including the enactment of a two percent state spending cap and requiring a two-thirds “super majority” vote to increase taxes.

    Key Senate Budget Initiative
    - Property Tax Cap

    The Senate passed property tax relief legislation (S.2706) that would place a cap on the growth of school property taxes at two percent or the Consumer Price Index (CPI), whichever is less.

    2011 Senate Finance Committee Majority Revenue Forecast Report
    The Senate Finance Committee reviewed and analyzed the economic and revenue projections contained within the Executive Budget for SFY 2011-12.

    Senate Majority Staff Analysis of the SFY 2011-12 Executive Budget "White Book"
    This document, prepared by the staff of the Senate Majority Conference, should give you a sense of where we stand on the details of Gov. Cuomo's proposed budget.

    Gov Cuomo's Executive Budget Briefing Book
    The Executive Budget Briefing Book contains the Budget Director’s Message, which presents the Governor’s fiscal blueprint for 2011-12 and explains the State’s Financial Plan. It also includes highlights of major initiatives, and a list of the legislative proposals needed to implement the proposed budget.

    Gov Cuomo's Executive Budget Legislation - 21 Day Amendments
    The 21-day amendments are proposed amendments, primarily technical in nature, and do not include significant policy changes.

    Proposals Approved by the NYS Medicaid Redesign Team
    Governor Andrew M. Cuomo accepted a report from the Medicaid Redesign Team which included 79 recommendations to restructure the Medicaid program.
    - Gov. Press Release
    - Approved Proposals

    Given the tremendous size and scope of the fiscal and economic challenges facing New York, your involvement and feedback have never been more important.  

    With the budget process now underway, I'm encouraging all of my constituents to take a moment to share their views, make suggestions and provide input regarding the Governor's proposed plan.  To voice your opinion, simply fill out the easy-to-use information form below and send me an e-mail outlining your views.

    As always, I truly appreciate your interest and participation.