Share Your Ideas and Help Reduce Government Spending



It's common sense. Thousands of hardworking families throughout New York State are tightening their belts, pinching pennies and working harder than ever to stretch their hard-earned dollars. I strongly believe that all levels of government should be doing the same.

As your Senator, one of my key priorities is finding ways to reduce government spending, and eliminate wasteful expenditures wherever they might occur. That’s why last year I partnered with Governor Andrew Cuomo on a State Budget plan that reduced overall government spending for the first time in years. By holding the line on spending, we closed a $10 billion budget gap – and we did it without raising any new taxes or fees.

Governor Cuomo has just unveiled his new Executive Budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year – marking the start of the budget review and adoption process. Click here to review details of Governor Cuomo’s new budget proposal.

To continue the progress we made last year, we are once again working hard to identify millions of dollars in new cost savings – savings that will help us keep taxes down, and ensure that New York State keeps moving back in the right direction.

I’ve always known that the best ideas usually don’t come from Albany -- they come directly from my constituents right here at home. If you have suggestions on ways to help eliminate wasteful government spending, I encourage you to share them with me, so that I can keep your views in mind during this year’s budget process.

I hope you will join my Common Cents Cost-Cutting team today. Your commonsense suggestions could potentially help us save our state millions.