Share Your Ideas For A Stronger Economy


    Job creation and growing our economy are the most important challenges facing communities throughout Upstate New York.

    Thanks to a renewed spirit of cooperation in Albany, coupled with a heavy emphasis on economic development, New York is headed in the right direction.

    During this year’s legislative session, I worked in partnership with Governor Cuomo to cut state spending, hold the line on taxes and put forward constructive job creating incentives. 

    The positive steps we have taken include:

    • Passed an on-time state budget that cut $10 billion in spending with NO NEW TAXES.
    • Reduced energy costs and taxes for small businesses and manufacturers so they can start to hire again.
    • Increased incentives for companies to do more research and development to create more good-paying, cutting edge, high tech jobs.
    • Passed the first of its kind property tax cap to give relief to homeowners, small businesses and manufacturers.
    • Established the Mandate Relief Council to roll back burdensome regulations and laws that unnecessarily drive up costs for businesses, local governments and schools.
    • Began reforming Medicaid, cutting $2.3 billion in unnecessary spending.
    • Restored research and development programs that strengthen agriculture.

    We’ve clearly made great progress, but further strides must be made and each and every New Yorker has a stake in a stronger state economy. 
    As we work together to strengthen New York’s economy and have a brighter future, I want to listen to your ideas on some key areas that will be discussed in the coming months.

    Below is a survey so that you can share your priorities for a stronger economy.  Please take a moment to fill it out. Also, if you have an idea to help create new jobs and promote economic growth, please let me know by filling out the suggestion box below.

    I truly appreciate this opportunity to keep you informed, and I look forward to hearing from you in the days ahead.

    Keep cutting taxes
    Invest more in public education
    Reduce government mandates & regulations
    Give direct tax credits to small businesses
    Invest more in local highways, roads and bridges
    Reduce government spending