Share Your Ideas for A Stronger Economy


    Western New York Continues to Face the Most
    Significant Economic Challenges in New York State

    While state government has finally begun to take meaningful action to reduce spending, cut taxes and revitalize our economy -- much work remains. That’s why I am proud to have been recently named as the new chairman of the Senate’s powerful Economic Development Committee.

    Government spending – and the tax burden that fuels it – is still the state’s primary impediment to long-term, sustainable economic growth, but just as damaging, is the state’s archaic, cumbersome, and punitive regulatory structure. New York’s red tape adds costs and wastes time, putting your business at a competitive disadvantage.

    To create a comprehensive plan that will help New York become truly “open for business,” I have already begun to meet with business leaders, industry experts, and trade organizations across Western New York.

    Now, I’d like to hear about the specific regulations New York State imposes on your business, industry, or profession, and what specific reforms would do the most good in YOUR industry.

    I truly appreciate this opportunity to keep you informed, and I look forward to hearing from you in the days ahead.