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Share Your Ideas For A Stronger Economy


    New York has clearly faced major economic challenges in recent years.  That’s why – in partnership with Governor Andrew Cuomo – we took decisive action during this year’s Legislative Session to help revitalize our economy and create new job opportunities. 

    Taken together, these changes and reforms represent one of the boldest job-creation plans New York State has enacted in decades.  That’s good news – especially in terms of our efforts to create new jobs here right in our local community.


    During the budget process, I had the Privilege of chairing the Budget Conference Committee on Economic Development and Taxes. The positive steps we’ve taken to create a stronger economy include the following:

    • 10 new regional economic development councils to boost local job growth
    • A State Budget that cuts spending, avoids tax increases and helps create jobs
    • A major personal income tax cut to help small businesses grow
    • An historic 2% property tax cap to transform our State’s economic climate
    • New mandate relief to reduce taxing and spending pressures at the local level
    • New Recharge NY program to ensure low cost power for economic growth
    • Funding restorations to strengthen farms and agriculture-related businesses   
    • New initiatives to help make investment capital available to small businesses


    We've clearly made great progress, but major challenges still lie ahead.

    As we begin taking the next steps in our fight to strengthen New York's economy, and as Chairman of the Committee on Economic Development, I am actively encouraging your input, feedback and participation. If you have an idea to help create new jobs and promote economic growth, please let me know by filling out the form below or sending me an e-mail at

    I truly appreciate this opportunity to keep you informed, and I look forward to hearing from you in the days ahead.

    Keep cutting taxes
    Invest more in public education
    Reduce government mandates & regulations
    Give direct tax credits to small businesses
    Invest more in local highways, roads and bridges
    Reduce government spending