Stop The Toll Hikes On Commercial Trucks


I, like much of the public, was shocked when the Thruway Authority proposed a 45% increase in commercial tolls.  This toll hike will have detrimental ramifications on all New Yorkers. 

This increase, which is set to take effect in October, will hit the trucking industry at the heart of their business. According to the NYS Motor Truck Association, nearly 90 percent of New York communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods and over 87 percent of all manufactured goods are transported by trucks. New York’s trucks are responsible for transporting over 1.4 million tons of manufactured material here each day, while providing one in 25 jobs in the state.  Without trucks, no person, home or business could survive. 

This hike will affect everyone. It will be handed down to consumers and will undoubtedly raise the prices of goods in New York.

In the last two years, Governor Cuomo and the Senate have lived up to the pledge of “opening New York for business.”  Together, we have lowered taxes on the middle class, we have created new jobs and have put New York on a path of fiscal recovery.  The Thruway Authority is working against this spirit of cooperation.  In fact, I strongly believe that the Governor and Legislature should take a closer look at whether the Thruway Authority should remain all together.

I hope that you will take a moment and sign my on-line petition to tell the NYS Thruway Authority NOT to increase the tolls on commercial trucks.