The Tax Cap - It's Law


    Dear Friend:

    Right now, cities and counties across New York State are writing next year's budget...and deciding how much in local property taxes families should pay.

    New York's historic tax cap was signed into law earlier this year by Governor Cuomo.  New York State actually reduced State spending this year.  Now, local officials have their turn.

    In October, I met with many local officials across the four counties of our Senate District.

    Some officials are looking for loppholes in Governor Cuomo's new tax cap law - loopholes fought for by the speical  interests to allow spending to grow and grow, even as families are concerned about making ends meet.

    Other communities have it right.  They are living within the new tax cap law, and keeping spending in check.

    Voters can tell their local officials to live within the tax cap by turning out at budget meetings and remining officials of the new tax cap law.  If you support telling local officials to make sure their budgets come in under the tax cap law, just like Middletown is doing, sign the petition below.


    John J. Bonacic