Where Do You Stand On Indian Point Nuclear Facility?


In the wake of the natural disasters that have devastated Japan and have unleashed a nuclear threat upon a reeling population, the threat of nuclear disaster at Indian Point, a nuclear facility in our own backyard, deserves critical consideration.  In 2013 Indian Point will undergo review by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) which will determine whether or not their operating license will be renewed, a critical moment in which the plant will either remain open or be closed.

Located just 25 miles north of New York City, Indian Point rests above the convergence of two fault lines. Alarmingly, a recent US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) report revealed that Indian Point’s reactor 3 has the highest risk of earthquake damage of the 104 active nuclear plants.

Indian Point has three nuclear reactors, two of which are still in service. The first reactor, which has since been shut down, was built in 1962; the other two reactors, still in service, were built in 1974 and 1976. It has been reported that the twin reactors still in service produce a combined 2000 Megawatts of electricity, and account for 16% of the Megawatts delivered to the NYC area by Con Edison.

Twenty million residents live and work within a 50 mile radius around Indian Point, most of whom are within the close confines of New York City; therein lies one of the greatest problems with Indian Point: its location. In the event of a full-scale emergency, the disconcerting reality is that there is no effective evacuation strategy that would adequately serve and protect the people of New York City. There are simply too many people with too few exits.

Because of these facts, Senator Krueger has called for the closure of Indian Point, but she wants your input as well. Please fill out the information below and let Senator Krueger know where you stand on Indian Point: if you feel it should remain open or be closed.


Senator Liz Krueger would like to know whether or not you believe Indian Point Nuclear Facility should remain open or be closed. Please tell us where you stand on Indian Point by answering "Keep Open" or "Close."

If Indian Point were to be closed, other sources of energy would need to be developed now to compensate for the loss of energy production at Indian Point. Do you have any suggestions on alternative energy sources that should be explored?