Women Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Work!


    Millions of women across New York State are on the verge of winning an historic victory at the State Capitol.

    The State Senate recently approved a landmark new “Women’s Equality Package,” which includes a key reform to ensure that women get equal pay for equal work.

    In addition, it includes measures to:

    •  Stop sexual harassment in the workplace;

    •  Protect women from human trafficking;

    •  Strengthen orders of protection;

    •  Allow electronic filing of orders of protection;

    •  Protect domestic violence victims from discrimination;

    •  End workplace pregnancy discrimination;

    •  Prohibit workplace discrimination because of family status; and

    •  Allow recovery of attorney’s fees in successful sex discrimination cases.

    I was proud to vote for this package in the Senate, but our job isn’t done yet. That’s why I’m launching a new petition drive designed to encourage the Assembly Majority leadership to take final action on these bills without further delay.

    If you think women should get equal pay for equal work, then I hope you will make your voice heard by signing my petition below.