Your Opinion Counts! I'd like your feedback on issues that may be considered and what your priorities are in the Hudson Valley.


    As we proceed through the 2014 Legislative session, I'd like your feedback on issues that may be considered and what your priorities are in the Hudson Valley. If you have any specific questions about an issue that you are passionate about, please feel free to call my office anytime.

    Do you favor state funding for full-day pre-kindergarten programs for all children in New York State?:

    Do you believe implementation of national standards for learning Common Core) will benefit students in New York State?:

    There have been issues with the state rollout of Common Core; do you support a moratorium for implementing these standards?:

    Would you support a a toll discount on the Tappn Zee Bridge for Rockland and Westchester residents?

    New York State is one of the last in the nation to try 16- and 17-year-olds as adults. Do you favor changing the law to increase the age at which a person is tried as an adult (for non-violent crimes) to 18?:

    Do you support allowing eligible patients access to medical marijuana in 20 designated hospitals throughout the state?:

    Would you vote in favor of incentivizing businesses to hire people with developmental disabilities?:

    Do you favor decreasing taxes on Upstate manufacturers?:

    Do you support raising the estate tax threshold to create a disincentive for individuals from transferring their assets out of New York State?:

    Are you in favor of the implementation of a NYS "circuit breaker" program that would base property tax rates on household income?:

    Would you support allowing undocumented students who have graduated from NYS high schools and meet in-state tuition requirements to access state financial aid and scholarships for higher education?:

    Do you approve of a system of public financing for elections, where individual contributions up to $175 to state legislative candidates would be matched with public financing at a 6-to-1 ratio?:

    Would you support consolidation of your local governmental units--i.e., village/town, city/county, police department, school district?:

    Do you support a comprehensive paid family leave program guaranteeing working women and men six weeks of paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child or in the case of a family member's serious illness?: