Come hear from other young adults and individuals who have lived through the experience and created a positive life.  Offering a safe place to share your story and meet other peers in similar circumstances.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to speak to other parents.   Free refreshments.

Stefan Barone, Founder, knows firsthand how difficult it is to deal with these problems. As an advocate, Stefan was interviewed on national TV by Connie Chung on 20/20, and by Charlie Gibson of Good Morning America as a teenager.  As an adult, he shares his insights on how to handle the problem.

In June of 2013, Stefan hosted the First Annual Play It Forward Anti-Bully Walk, which appeared on NY1 News. On June 30, 2012, Stefan Barone was named “Newsmaker of the Week,” by the Staten Island Advance for the article Taking a Bite out of Bullying, by Sarah Buccellato.

There will be a variety of guest speakers throughout the year who have been teased and bullied in their youth.  Also, professional guest speakers will attend throughout the year.

The support group has been approved by the office of Senator Andrew Lanza, who continues to advocate to end bullying in schools. Dr. Melvin Koplow, Pediatrician, will be in attendance.  Dr. Koplow has dedicated his time to spread awareness and assist Stefan in his quest to help kids.  Please visit www.DrMDK.com and click on Bullied.

Visit www.drmdk.com/Bullying/Index_Bullying.html  to obtain additional information.

For further reading, we recommend Izzy Kalman, MS, NCSP, author of:  Bullies to Buddies: How to Turn Your Enemies into Friends!   Visit:  www.bullies2buddies.com

We are on the web!     www.PlayItForwardNY.com

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