Seining the Wild River

Find out what lives in the waters under the Manhattan Bridge! Join experts from the Coastal Marine Resource Center as we use a 30-foot seining net to catch fish and other remarkable East River creatures. Families and kids can take a good look at the fish before we release them back to their homes and keep a tally of our catch. We provide field guides, identification keys, and plenty of fun to go around. 
Previous catches have included flounder, striped bass, Atlantic tomcod, bay anchovy, green crabs, blue crabs, shrimp, comb jellies, silversides, and pipefish.

Space is available for 30 kids, ages 4 through 12, plus their parents/guardians.  To reserve a space, please e-mail Please specify the name and date of the program you wish to attend and include your contact info (email and phone number), the name(s) and age(s) of your child(ren), and your zip code.

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