Edisa Weeks- To Begin The World Over Again - Dance

To Begin The World Over Again is a collaboration between Choreographer Edisa Weeks and Composer Joe Phillips for an evening-length performance that integrates Weeks' dance company DELERIOUS Dances and the live music of Phillips and his Orchestra Numinous. The work explores the writings of Thomas Paine and his spirited advocacy for freedom and democracy in America. The piece inquires: how are freedom and democracy packaged and promoted in America? How do Weeks and Phillips as African-Americans answer that question, and how do other communities address the question? Essentially, what is the promise of America that Paine so fervently wrote about, and is America living up to it?

Edisa Weeks is the director and choreographer for DELIRIOUS Dances, which merges theater with dance to explore the beauty and complexity of life. Her work has been performed in a variety of venues including swimming pools, storefront windows, senior centers and various living rooms, as well as at the Guggenheim Museum, The Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts and The National Black Arts Festival,among others. DELIRIOUS recently performed in Berlin, Germany, as part of Haus der Kulturen der Welts' 50th anniversary celebration. Weeks teaches at Princeton University and received a Brooklyn Arts Council Grant to bring her work LIAISONS to senior centers throughout Brooklyn.

How a Bill Becomes Law

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