Likeness to Lily Command Voice - Musical Theater / Opera

Command Voice is an evening-length, multimedia opera that re-imagines Odysseus's return through the story of a post-combat Marine, his waiting wife, and the scientist who promises to restore their life to 'new normal'.  With original video and artwork by Justin Waldstein, music direction by Tony Melone, dramaturgy by Alison Fleminger, and through the songs of Susan Oetgen and Likeness to Lily, Command Voice considers the process of healing injury in a world where technology allows us to exceed our human limitations, while at the same time compelling us to confront the ambiguous consequences of the power it bestows.

Likeness to Lily is a Brooklyn band, featuring singer-songwriter Susan Oetgen, pianist Tony Melone, bass player Ian M. Riggs and drummer Evan Pazner. In March 2008, Likeness to Lily premiered an original multimedia song-cycle entitled Bazm-o-Razm for the Brooklyn Philharmonic’s Music Off the Walls series. Since Bazm-o-Razm, they have continued to collaborate with Justin Waldstein, a Brooklyn-based artist with a multi-disciplinary background in the humanities. The quartet plays regularly in the downtown music clubs of New York City, and occasionally in other cities from Washington, DC to North Bennington, VT. Releases include Solitude’s Dollhouse (2005), which features the song ‘Jewelia’, as heard on A&E Television’s prime-time reality show, Random 1, and Farewell, Recruit (2008).

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