Big Movies For Little Kids

Corduroy and A Pocket for Corduroy

Two live-action adaptations of the classic children's books by Don Freeman

Corduroy, a little toy bear, lives high up on a shelf in a department store. He longs for someone to take him home, but he thinks no one wants him, since he's missing a button on his overalls. One night, Corduroy goes on an adventure, searching for the lost button. What he finds the next morning is even better. (1984; USA; unrated; live-action; color; 17 minutes)

In A Pocket for Corduroy the little bear is misplaced at the laundromat when Lisa and her mother go to wash their clothes. A boy finds Corduroy but cannot find his owner. That night, as the boy sleeps, Corduroy takes matters into his own hands and has a series of adventures as he tries to find his way back to Lisa. (2008; USA; color; unrated; live-action; 20 minutes)

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