Learn about - and fly your own - kites

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The first 100 children who come to a reading of Touching the Sky on September 13 will receive a free pocket-sized Mighty Kite of their very own. Touching the Sky is a charming work of historical narrative, telling the story of Wilbur Wright's first flight over water, launched from Governors Island, and Orville's groundbreaking flights on an early tour of Europe. Selected as one of Booklink's Best Books for Children in 2003, it describes, in imaginative and colorful detail, the brothers' historic invention, small and light enough to get off the ground, but stiff and strong enough to support their weight, as well as the skill it took them to maneuver it in the air. These tricky aerodynamics, necessary to keep them airborne, are also described in GIA's About Kites exhibit, in Building 4B in Nolan Park through September 27.

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