Shore Road Parks Conservancy “It’s My Park Day”

The Shore Road Parks Conservancy will be hosting additional cleanup sites along Shore Road during the “It’s My Park Day” event on October 15th. New areas at the 3rd Avenue entrance and between 73rd and 78 Streets will be open for volunteers to come and help clean up and beautify the park there. In total there will be 8 sites run by the Conservancy; at:



· 3rd Avenue Entrance (10am to 2pm)

· The potent...ial dog run site at 3rd Avenue (10am to 2pm)

· 97th Street Entrance (10am to 2pm)

· The Gazebo at 90th Street (9am to 12 noon)

· The Flagpole at 81st Street (9am to 12 noon)

· 73rd to 78th Street (9am to 12 noon)

· Narrows Botanical Gardens (entrance closest to 70th Street) (10am to 1pm)

· Owls Head Park (9am to 12 noon)



There will be the usual range of activities at the sites to try and repair the damage of the storms this year and continue the battle against the overgrowth and the general dilapidation as the City budget cuts bite deeper into the capabilities of the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. Additionally there will be free puppetry entertainment provided by Nicole Serra-Gonzalez of “Stage Dreamers” between 11am and 1pm.


Sponsoring the refreshments for the volunteers this time are Food Town of Bay Ridge and The Bay Ridge Manor.


Photo Opportunities

Opportunities are as follows:


· 10:00am at the Flagpole at 81st Street (contact Charles Fasano (917) 501 3693)

· 12:00 noon at 97th Street Entrance (contact June Marcus (917) 325 0735)

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