Save our Teachers

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This Sunday, support the KEEP Act!

“Keep Excellent & Effective Professionals in the Classroom”

• State budget cuts will cause NYC to lose up to 8500 teachers

• “Last In, First Out” restrictions mean the last teachers hired are the first to lose their     jobs.

• Under current rules, some school districts could lose up to 20% of their teachers!

• This bill would ensure that when layoffs are made, we consider how good a teacher is, not just how long they’ve been teaching.

• Ensure our most effective teachers remain in the classroom!

Join Senator Ruben Diaz,
Assemblyman Jonathan Bing,
parents & students

This Sunday, April 18th at 11a.m.

City Hall Steps
2/3 to Park Place, N/R to City Hall, or 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge


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