Earth Day

On Tuesday, April 20, 2010, the New York State Senate celebrated Earth Day by passing a number of important bills that will protect the environment both now, and more importantly, for generations to come.

These bills, sponsored by Democrats and Republicans alike, will: create a program to recycle rechargeable batteries (S.3593); limit pesticide exposure at schools and day care centers (S4983C); require automobile dealers to display a fuel economy label on all new vehicles (S6141B); establish the "Electronic Equipment Reuse and Recycling Act" (S6047A); enact  the "Bisphenol A-free Children and Babies Act" (S3296-G); prohibit the state from purchasing and using paper that is not recyclable (S5119);  and, require the collection of information on the locations of environmental facilities and cases of cancer throughout the state (S3788C).

I was proud to be a co-sponsor on several of these bills, but I am prouder still that these bills passed the State Senate.  I am hopeful that the Assembly will likewise pass these bills in the near future so that they can be sent to Governor Paterson for his signature.  There is no better way for your elected representatives to commemorate Earth Day than to pass legislation that will protect the environment and consumers alike.

How a Bill Becomes Law

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