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22 Jan 2020


NYS Capitol Building

172 State St.,, Senate Chamber Albany, 12247

3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Archived Video

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Relates to labeling requirements of certain jewelry containing lead


Kevin S. Parker

21st Senate District

cal no. 18

Relates to verdict sheets


Jamaal T. Bailey

36th Senate District

cal no. 62

Relates to exempting certain beer tastings from retail sales and compensating use taxes


Rachel May

53rd Senate District

cal no. 86

Directs the office of information technology services to conduct a study on the use of legal material in an electronic format and access to such legal materials


Shelley B. Mayer

37th Senate District

cal no. 88

Relates to computing the age for public employees who have been absent on military duty to be eligible for a promotion


John E. Brooks

8th Senate District

cal no. 94

Relates to exempting income earned by persons under the age of 24 from certain workforce development programs from the determination of need for public assistance programs


Roxanne J. Persaud

19th Senate District

cal no. 98

Relates to the time needed by small business and local governments to comply with new regulations; repealer


Anna M. Kaplan

7th Senate District

cal no. 107

Relates to regulation of reverse mortgage loans issued under the federal home equity conversion mortgage for seniors program


Andrew Gounardes

22nd Senate District

cal no. 108

Relates to voter registration form distribution and assistance


Brian A. Benjamin

0 Senate District

cal no. 118

Exempts operators of law enforcement and fire department vessels from laws which regulate vessels on the navigable waters of the state while responding to emergencies


James Gaughran

5th Senate District

cal no. 123

Directs the board of trustees of the state university of New York and the city university of New York to report on the current composition of faculty at four year campuses and community colleges


Toby Ann Stavisky

16th Senate District

cal no. 130

Relates to admission requirements for graduate-level teacher and educational leader programs


James Sanders Jr.

10th Senate District

cal no. 132

Authorizes the use of innovative techniques to enhance public participation in the rule making process


Michael Gianaris

12th Senate District

cal no. 154

Relates to allowing brewery supply stores to sell beer for off premises consumption


Jen Metzger

0 Senate District

cal no. 160


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