Getting the Job Done

Washington D.C. may be gridlocked, but New York State keeps moving forward. The new Senate Majority has been moving our State back in the right direction -- partnering with Governor Cuomo to get the job done for hardworking New Yorkers.    

Cutting Spending

  • Eliminated $13 billion in budget gaps -- without raising taxes or fees
  • Passed two consecutive State Budgets that reduce spending
  • Imposed new caps on future spending growth in key budget areas like Medicaid
  • Consolidated government agencies, reducing bureaucracy & saving money
  • Enacted reforms to hold down spending at local level

Cutting Taxes

  • Passed two consecutive budgets with no new taxes or fees
  • Approved a middle class tax cut for 4.4 million hardworking taxpayers
  • $3.3 billion in new tax cuts / lowest tax rate for middle class in 58 years
  • Repealed job-killing MTA Payroll Tax for over 290,000 small businesses and more than 400,000 self-employed  
  • Approved cut in the corporate tax rate for manufacturers
  • A 2% property tax cap for millions of New York homeowners

Creating Jobs

  • Passed Job Creating Tax Cuts: Roll back of MTA Payroll Tax, Upstate Manufacturers Tax Cut
  • Infrastructure funding to rebuild highways, roads, bridges & other infrastructure
  • New low-cost power for manufacturers /new power plant siting law
  • Historic new SUNY 2020 program – investing in NY’s future to help create jobs
  • $50 million in flood relief – job retention tax credit for impacted businesses
  • Established 10 new Regional Economic Development Councils

Making Government Function Again

  • Passed two State Budgets early – using open and public conference committees
  • Extensive bi-partisan cooperation / committee chairs from both parties
  • The most smoothly functioning and productive sessions in decades