Issues & Initiatives

Current Initiatives

The New York Senate has launched a series of intiatives. These actions are special websites and tools to help the Senate share information and get input from the people on the most important issues facing the State of New York.

Cap Property Taxes

The New York State Senate today passed property tax relief legislation (S.2706) that would place a cap on the growth of school property taxes at two percent or the Consumer Price Index (CPI), whichever is less. If enacted, New York would become the 44th state to cap local property taxes. In addition, the Senate approved two measures related to providing mandate relief to school districts and local governments.


The New York State Senate will act today on the Job Creation and Taxpayer Protection Act of 2011, a three-part plan to encourage the creation of new private sector jobs and ensure fiscal responsibility, including the enactment of a two percent state spending cap and requiring a two-thirds “super majority” vote to increase taxes.

New York Senate Veterans' Hall of Fame

The New York State Senate Veterans' Hall of Fame was created to honor and recognize outstanding veterans from the Empire State who have distinguished themselves both in military and civilian life. Their meritorious service to our nation deserves the special recognition that only a Hall of Fame can provide, as a fitting expression of our gratitude and admiration.


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