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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Actions by and against a trust
Arts and Cultural Affairs (ACA) CHAPTER 11-C, TITLE E, ARTICLE 20
§ 20.35. Actions by and against a trust. 1. The supreme court shall
have exclusive jurisdiction of any action, suit or special proceeding
brought by or against or involving a trust. The venue of any action,
suit or special proceeding brought against a trust shall be laid in the
city and county in which its principal office is located.

2. Any action or proceeding to which a trust or the people of the
state, a county or a municipality may be parties, in which any question
arises as to the validity of this article or the special law creating
the trust, shall be preferred over all other civil causes except
election causes in all courts of the state and shall be heard and
determined in preference to all other civil business pending therein
except election causes, irrespective of position on the calendar. The
same preference shall be granted upon application of counsel to a trust
in any action or proceeding in which the trust is a party or in which
such counsel may be allowed to intervene.

3. Except as otherwise expressly provided by a lease, sublease, or
other agreement to which it is a party, a participating cultural
institution or not-for-profit cultural organization shall not be liable
to any person for any claim, loss, cost or damage arising from or in
connection with the development of a combined-use facility, a facility
for a not-for-profit cultural organization or a public television
facility with respect to which a trust entered an agreement prior to
January first, nineteen hundred ninety, or any part or portion thereof.