Congratulating the 2013 New York State Senate Women of Distinction

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LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION congratulating the 2013 New York State Senate
Women of Distinction

WHEREAS, It is the sense of this Legislative Body to acknowledge and
celebrate Women of Distinction who significantly add inspiration and
encouragement to the people of this great Empire State; and
WHEREAS, The New York State Senate Women of Distinction program was
created in 1998 as part of our state celebration of Women's History
Month to honor exemplary women from across New York State whose singular
professional or personal achievements, commitment to excellence and
accomplishments merit special recognition; honorees are selected from
nominations submitted from across the state; and
WHEREAS, Women of every economic, ethnic and religious background have
made significant contributions that are reflected across all aspects of
society; and
WHEREAS, It is the custom of this Legislative Body to pay tribute to
individuals of remarkable character, who have shown initiative and
commitment in constantly pursuing higher goals for themselves as well as
acting as role models to all women in their community; and
WHEREAS, On behalf of the New York State Senate, I take this opportu-
nity to congratulate Karen Acompora, Hazra Joanne Ali, Wanda Beck
Antosh, Kwayera Archer-Cunningham, Judy Baron, Donna L. Benson, Kate
Bialo, Lea Bishop, Sister Debbie Blow, Dr. Kari W. Bovenzi, Erica Boyn-
ton, Beth A. Broadway, Rosalie M. Burgher, Evelyn Cardona, Palmira M.
Cataliotti, Mary Chisholm, Honorable Bernadette T. Clark, Josephine
Collins, Mildred Collins, Renate D'Angelis, Randi Shubin Dresner, Leah
Dunaief, Dr. Saadia J. Fersobe, Meredith Festa, Jacqueline Gordon, Sara
Horowitz, Julissa Juarbe, Ellie Kastel, Nancy Kronen, Ginger Lindner,
Jennifer Mackie, Shannon Mancuso-Getzel, Karen O'Hara, Theresa Pirrag-
lia, Francie Potter, Mary Alice Price, Vienna Profeta, Ingrid M. Rich-
ards, Rhonda Lyn Roethal, Taryn Sacramone, Jackie Schmid, Mary Jane
Smith, Beverly Stamp, Susan Steinberg, Elaine E. Stillwell, Denise C.
Soares, Sofie Somoroff, Emmlynn L. Taylor, Mary Jo Thorn, Grace Tillin-
ghast, Karen Torrone, Tiphaine Tsang, Marcia Tuohey, Marie Valachovic,
Estela Vazquez, Isabel E. Villar, Elaine M. Walsh, Nozomi Hirayama
Williams, Leslie Zemsky as 2013 New York State Senate Women of
Distinction, to be celebrated on Tuesday, May 7, 2013, at the Annual
Women of Distinction Awards Ceremony in The Well of the Legislative
Office Building; and
WHEREAS, Women have become part of New York's lasting heritage by
fighting against stereotypes, prejudice, and seemingly insurmountable
obstacles; and
WHEREAS, From the women's suffrage movement just over 150 years ago to
the present day, women have played and continue to play a crucial role
in adding strength, understanding, and inspiration to the diversity and
quality of life of the people of the State of New York; and
WHEREAS, New York State has been, and continues to be, the home to
many distinguished women who have made their mark in history as pioneers
in their field, therefore laying the foundation for women after them to
succeed; and
WHEREAS, This Legislative Body recognizes that New York State is the
home to countless women who are strong and colorful threads, vital to
the fabric of our rich heritage, who have contributed, and continue to
add to the advancement of our culture through their traditional and
non-traditional roles in society; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, It is the sense of this Legislative Body that those who
enhance the well-being and vitality of their community and have shown a

long and sustained commitment to excellence certainly have earned the
recognition and applause of all the citizens of this great Empire State;
and be it further
RESOLVED, That copies of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to the aforementioned Women of Distinction.


  • 01 / May / 2013
  • 07 / May / 2013
  • 07 / May / 2013

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