Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Union League Club of New York

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LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Union
League Club of New York

WHEREAS, It is the sense of this Legislative Body to recognize that the
quality and character of life in the communities across New York State
are reflective of the concerned and dedicated efforts of those organiza-
tions which devote themselves to the welfare of the community and its
citizenry; and
WHEREAS, Attendant to such concern, and in full accord with its long-
standing traditions, this Legislative Body is justly proud to commem-
orate the 150th Anniversary of the Union League Club of New York, to be
celebrated on Thursday, February 21, 2013; and
WHEREAS, The Union League Club of New York is celebrating the 150th
anniversary of its founding; it was established by a group of concerned
citizens wanting to preserve the Union and support the administration of
President Abraham Lincoln; and
WHEREAS, The first of the Union League Club of New York's original
Articles of Association was to promote "unqualified loyalty to the
Government of the United States, and unwavering support of its efforts
for the suppression of the Rebellion"; and
WHEREAS, Later, in 1866, an additional article was added that called
for "the Club to resist and expose corruption and promote reform in our
National, State and Municipal affairs, and to elevate the ideal of Amer-
ican citizenship"; these are core values that have guided the Club for
the past 150 years and will continue to do so in the future; and
WHEREAS, The Union League Club of New York is a club that has devoted
significant time and effort in helping establish or promote numerous
civic, cultural, and military institutions at New York City, New York
State and national levels; some notable achievements and contributions
of the group include: organizing the 20th, 26th and 32nd regiments of
the United States Army during the Civil War; founding both the American
Museum of Natural History and the Frick Museum; founding the Julliard
School of Music Club; helping found the American Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; helping organize the New York City
Fire Department; supporting the 369th Black Regiment of the United
States Infantry in World War I; and participating in the organization
for the construction of Grant's Tomb and the erection of the monuments
to Abraham Lincoln and Admiral Farragut in Madison Square Park, New York
City; and
WHEREAS, Some of the distinguished members of the Club have included:
Chester A. Arthur, 21st President of the United States; Peter Cooper,
philanthropist and founder of Cooper Union; Chauncey Depew, United
States Senator from New York; Frederick Law Olmsted, designer of Central
Park and Executive Secretary of the United States Sanitary Commission;
and Thomas Nast, political cartoonist and artist; and
WHEREAS, It is the sense of this Legislative Body that those who
enhance the well-being and vitality of their community and have shown a
long and sustained commitment to excellence certainly have earned the
recognition and applause of all the citizens of this great Empire State;
now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to
commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Union League Club of New York;
and be it further
RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to David K. Ray, Chairman, The Union League Club of New York.


  • 30 / Jan / 2013
  • 05 / Feb / 2013
  • 05 / Feb / 2013

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Law Section:
Resolutions, Legislative


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