Assembly budget resolution in response to the 2015-2016 Executive Budget submission

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ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION in response to the 2015-2016 Executive Budget
submission (Bill Nos. A. 3000, A. 3001, A. 3002, A. 3003, A. 3004, A.
3005, A. 3006, A. 3007, A. 3008, A. 3009, A. 3010, A. 3011 and A. 3012)
to be adopted as legislation expressing the position of the New York
State Assembly relating to the 2015-2016 New York State Budget

WHEREAS, Article 7 of the constitution requires the Governor to submit
an executive budget containing a plan of expenditures to be made before
the close of the ensuing fiscal year and recommendations as to proposed
legislation; and
WHEREAS, At the time of submitting the budget to the legislature the
Governor is required to submit a bill or bills containing all the
proposed appropriations and reappropriations included in the budget and
the proposed legislation, if any, recommended therein; and
WHEREAS, No provision may be embraced in any appropriation bill
submitted by the Governor unless it relates specifically to some partic-
ular appropriation in the bill, and any such provision shall be limited
in its operation to such appropriation; and
WHEREAS, Upon submission, pursuant to Joint Rule III, the Senate
finance committee and the Assembly ways and means committee undertake an
analysis and public review of all the provisions of such budget; and
WHEREAS, After study and deliberation, each committee makes recommen-
dations in the form of bills and resolutions as to the contents thereof
and such other items of appropriation deemed necessary and desirable for
the operation of the government in the ensuing fiscal year; and
WHEREAS, All such fiscal committees' recommendations, when arrived at,
are then to be placed before the members of the Legislature, individual-
ly and collectively, in their respective houses for their consideration
and approval; and
WHEREAS, Upon adoption thereof, a Conference Committee on the Budget,
authorized by concurrent resolution of the Senate and Assembly pursuant
to Joint Rule III, and such subcommittees thereof as may be deemed
necessary are appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly and the Temporary
President of the Senate, respectively, will engage in negotiations
designed to reach an accord on the contents of the budget for the ensu-
ing fiscal year; and
WHEREAS, In order to commence a Legislative process of budget negoti-
ations designed to reach a timely accord on the contents of the budget
for the ensuing fiscal year, it is necessary that budget proposals be
adopted by each house of the Legislature; and
WHEREAS, The Assembly supports the goal of addressing the problem of
persistently underperforming schools and concludes that persistently
underperforming schools need flexibility in setting curriculums and
schedules in order to develop an appropriate community-based approach to
improvement, the Assembly resolves that adequate supplemental aid is
integral to improving underperforming schools and an amount greater than
$8 million is needed; and
WHEREAS, Rape, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking on
college campuses are significant concerns in New York State, as is the
need to protect students, like all New Yorkers, from sexual harassment
and whereas these behaviors may cause grave trauma to the victims and
survivors, including those who are students at New York's colleges and
universities, who as a result may withdraw from school, experience
difficulty working, and see promising opportunities cut short and where-
as colleges and universities have a unique opportunity to educate
members of the college community about this reprehensible conduct to
better safeguard students and ensure a safe and hostility-free learning

environment, the Assembly is committed to assisting colleges in address-
ing these issues in a manner that complies with important federal
requirements and recognizes that stakeholders have significant concerns
that warrant further consideration, so that meaningful legislation may
be crafted that establishes clear and appropriate procedures, while at
the same time assuring that the critical needs of victims and survivors
are met; and
WHEREAS, It is essential that the public has faith and confidence that
the criminal justice system is administered fairly and without bias and
that police officers are safe and respected by the communities they
serve and whereas recent events have shaken the confidence of both the
public and law enforcement, the Assembly resolves to hold hearings to
consider reforms that would address these needs and to provide legisla-
tors with the opportunity to hear from community leaders, law enforce-
ment officials, legal experts, and other stakeholders to ensure that
these important issues are considered in an open forum and to facilitate
the enactment of meaningful reforms; and
WHEREAS, Transparency and sunlight are important to public confidence
in the integrity of government, the New York State Assembly supports
greater disclosure of the sources and amounts of income of members of
the Legislature and public officials in the executive branches of state
and local government and the enactment of measures to administer and
enforce laws governing unethical or unlawful conduct by public offi-
cials; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That, this resolution, together with the New York State
Assembly proposals for Executive budget resubmission contained in Assem-
bly Bill Nos. A. 6000, A. 3001, A. 3002, A. 6003, A. 6004, A. 6005, A.
6006, A. 6007, A. 6008, and A. 6009 which are incorporated as if fully
set forth in this resolution, herein constitute the legislation which
expresses the budget proposals of the Assembly for the 2015-2016 New
York State Budget.


  • 09 / Mar / 2015
  • 12 / Mar / 2015
  • 12 / Mar / 2015
  • 12 / Mar / 2015

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Law Section:
Resolutions, Assembly


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