1917-2014 A Look at the History of the Legislators of Color

It is with honor that I present to you this up-to-date chronicle of men and women of color who have served in the New York State Legislature.

This book reflects the challenges that resolute men and women of color have addressed and the progress that we have helped New Yorkers achieve over the decades. Since this book was first published in 1977, new legislators of color have arrived in the Senate and Assembly to continue to change the color and improve the function of New York State government.

In its 48 years of existence, I am proud to note that the Caucus has grown not only in size but in its diversity. Originally a group that primarily represented the Black population of New York City, the Caucus is now composed of members from across the State representing an even more diverse people. In order to stay constant in our vision, we must reflect on our past. I commemorate this publication to our forerunners. This is the beginning of our effort to formalize a history. This book will serve as a continued formulated document, so all comments and feedback to this publication are welcome.