Senator Rivera On Voting In Favor of Vaccination Package Including Bill To Eliminate Religious Exemptions

"While I strongly believe in honoring individual rights as they are protected by our Constitution, I also believe that individual rights should not supersede the safety of the general public. That is why after taking the time to listen to both sides of this issue and after careful deliberation, I voted in favor of this vaccination package. 

I understand that there are parents across the State that have concerns or religious objections to having their child vaccinated, but as the Chair of the Senate Health Committee my main responsibility is to protect our State's public health. As we face the highest number of confirmed measles cases in recent history, it is necessary to implement measures to curtail this alarming outbreak and prevent future ones from ever happening. By setting stronger, more uniform statewide vaccination standards and further educating New Yorkers about the effectiveness of immunizations, we are taking action to protect our communities' public health. I strongly believe that this is the most prudent option for families and communities across New York State."