Senator Velmanette Montgomery Absentee Voter Fact Sheet

By Executive Order, all New Yorkers eligible to vote in the June 23 Primary Elections can now apply for an absentee ballot. Here’s how:


All eligible voters will receive a postmarked absentee application in the mail. To apply for your absentee ballot, simply return the completed application to the Board of Elections. Voters opting to vote by absentee ballot due to the pandemic should check the box for “Temporary illness or physical disability.” If you don’t want to wait, download the application at and mail it to the Brooklyn Board of Elections at: 345 Adams Street, 4 Fl., Brooklyn, NY 11201.


Fill out your absentee application at or download the application at absentee-voting and email it to


Call 1-866-VOTE-NYC (1-866-868-3692) to apply for a ballot.

For more information, contact the NYC Board of Elections by calling 1-866-VOTE-NYC. You can also always call my office at (718) 643-6140 or email me at for assistance with this or any other issue.

Participating in our democracy is our most sacred right and we all deserve the chance to do so safely. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, New York is ensuring all can vote without risking the health of themselves or their families. - Senator Velmanette Montgomery