Celebrating Alta Boyer on Her 107th Birthday!

October 18, 2021

Senator Helming and Alta Boyer

Senator Helming presents Alta Boyer with a NYS Senate Proclamation honoring her lifetime of contributions and achievements

Alta Boyer was born on October 18, 1914 in Lodi, Seneca County. World War I had started just a few months before. Alta has spent her lifetime serving her community. Please join me in celebrating Alta on her 107th birthday!

It was my great honor to visit Alta at her home and present her with a New York State Senate Proclamation recognizing her extraordinary contributions and achievements. Alta dressed up in her favorite jacket for our visit.

Alta is a graduate of Hobart and William Smith Colleges. She has two Master’s degrees, in library science and medical science, and is known for her encyclopedic knowledge of the area. Alta worked for many years at Willard Psychiatric Center as a librarian and medical librarian.

Alta was instrumental in preserving the Lodi Presbyterian Church which is now home to the Lodi Historical Society. She is a longtime journalist, dating back to her teens when she wrote high school news for the Ovid Gazette and then a column on hometown news. Alta also authored two books, on the history of Lodi Point and of early settler Silas Halsey.

The farm where Alta lives has been in her family for over a century. Her family originally acquired the 100-acre property as part of the state’s Land Grant program. Alta has made significant improvements to the property, including adding solar panels to help offset the cost of heating her home, which was built in the 1800s. Alta is extremely knowledgeable about solar power.

She also designs beautiful dolls using antique and vintage materials.

During our visit, I asked Alta about her secret to living a good life. She said: spending time with family, working outdoors, and volunteering in the community. A family member added that it could be all the bacon Alta enjoys, almost every day!

Before I visited Alta, I stopped at the Ovid Community Health center. When I mentioned I was going to visit Alta, they had so many positive things to say about her. She is a local celebrity! Everyone knows her, and everyone loves her. She is relentlessly positive and optimistic, and left me feeling very inspired and grateful.

When I think about local women who paved the way for other women, I think about Alta. She was one of those who led the pack. It is fitting that she has lived her life in the area where women’s rights are embraced and celebrated.

At 107, Alta is still giving back to others. Her hard work, selfless spirit, and commitment to family and community is an example for all of us. Happy birthday, Alta! We appreciate you and celebrate you!