Senator Hoylman Releases Report Quantifying NYC Helicopter Nuisances

Today, State Senator Brad Hoylman released “The Nuisance of Tourist Choppers,” a report finding an average of 165 helicopters fly over Manhattan each weekend, with a frequency of approximately one every nine minutes during peak hours. The report found that nearly half of the flights take off and land in New Jersey, and the top six helicopter charter companies are registered out of state.

State Senator Brad Hoylman said, “The nuisance of tourist choppers is one of the most important issues on the west side, so it’s helpful to quantify the gravity of the situation – and it’s infuriating to know that they are originating out of state. These trips capitalize upon our city’s world-renowned beauty but being based in New Jersey, offer no economic benefit to New York City or State. We need the Stop the Chop Act to finally put an end to these nuisances.” 

The report comes less than a day after Senator Hoylman’s Stop the Chop Act (S.7493A/A8473A) with Assembly Member Gottfried was delivered to the Governor to sign or veto. The bill is the first successful legislative effort at the state level to restrict non-essential helicopter flights flying over Manhattan by creating a novel nuisance cause of action for the Attorney General and aggrieved residents against noisy tourist helicopters .

Senator Hoylman also advocated against tourist choppers flying over Manhattan at Shakespeare in the Park and during the Candy Crush drone debacle