Alumni Testimonial: Trevor Bender -- 2014 Session Assistant

June 30, 2014

As an undergraduate public policy major at the University at Albany, the NYS Senate Session Assistants Program provided me with an opportunity to experience the real inner-workings of New York State government, an experience I could not have had anywhere else.  This internship gave me a wide range of benefits. It gave me the chance to work alongside State Senator Simcha Felder throughout a full legislative session. I was able to attend sessions, work on legislation, host meetings with advocates, and set up legislative committee meetings. These experiences allowed me to meet people from all over the legislature and to gain meaningful insight into all the jobs that are involved in the legislative process.  My experience at the NYS Senate Session Assistants Program instilled in me the necessary tools and building blocks to achieve a successful professional career in New York State government.

Trevor Bender

2014 Undergraduate Session Assistant