Alumni Testimonial: Vincent Giannone

July 05, 2012

“The NYS Senate Session Assistants Program is a once in a lifetime learning experience.  Having worked the Joint Legislative Hearings on the Executive Budget, helped research material for possible legislation, and interacted with constituents, I have accumulated state government experience that is not possible elsewhere.  Attending session each day, participating in a mock legislative session on the Senate floor, and networking among Senate colleagues are the experiences that I enjoyed the most from the program.  Students thinking of taking advantage of this great opportunity will benefit immensely because one cannot truly grasp the intricacies of how New York State government functions until you experience it firsthand.  Even if your career path is not involving politics, this is an experience that is rewarding to your future on an abundance of levels.”

Vincent Giannone, University at Albany

2012 Undergraduate Session Assistants Program