Fair Local Election Act Press Conference

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

April 19, 2013

On Friday, April 19th, Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and other local elected officials gathered at the Greenburgh Town Hall to announce the introduction of the Fair Local Election Act, a bill, which would fall under the umbrella of the Fair Election Act, that would allow for local municipalities and counties to opt-in for campaign finance. Sponsored by Leader Stewart-Cousins, the Fair Election Act would provide for optional partial public financing of certain election campaigns in the state and identifies the source of certain political contributions.

Leader Stewart-Cousins commented, “Our current campaign finance laws allow big money to drown out the voices of everyday people and this must change. The bill I sponsor with Assembly Speaker Silver creates tougher disclosure laws, smaller limits on contributions and enacts a public financing system for state elections. It will level the playing field for candidates and make them more accountable to the voters they serve, not wealthy donors. I am very proud that the Westchester Municipal Officials Association and other local leaders understand how important it is to reform this broken system on all levels of government. I look forward to working with them to finally make campaign finance reform a reality in our state and local governments.”