Leader Stewart-Cousins and the NY Women's Equality Coalition Push for Women's Equality Act

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

June 10, 2014

With less than two weeks of session left, the New York Women's Equality Coalition was joined by Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins in front of the Senate Chamber as session was happening on Tuesaday, June 10th, to urge her Senate colleagues to bring the Women's Equality Act to the floor for a vote. Sponsored by Leader Stewart-Cousins, the Women's Equality Act would prohibit pay discrimination based on sex, protect women's right to choose, allow for the recovery of attorney’s fees for employment and credit discrimination when sex is the basis, prohibit discrimination in employment based on familial status, require employers to accommodate for pregnancy related conditions, prohibit discrimination against domestic violence victim status in housing, and creates a number of more effective human trafficking laws. Also at this press event were some of the Leader's Democratic Conference colleagues who fully support this package, Senators Gianaris, Krueger, Stavisky, Gipson, O'Brien, Parker, and Squadron.