NY Youth Works Helping New Rochelle Youth Train for Construction Jobs

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

December 14, 2012

Senator Stewart-Cousins spoke to a group of New York Youth Works trainees in New Rochelle on their last day of training at the Bracey Houses on Main Street. The men, aged 16-24, were completing a work readiness training program specifically designed to help them break into the construction industry. The training was funded by the New York Youth Works program – a state initiative created by Governor Cuomo and the Legislature to help disadvantaged youth find jobs - and organized by New Rochelle City Councilman Jared Rice and the New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority. In her comments, Senator Stewart-Cousins praised the group for taking the initiative to enroll in the training program and for taking a positive step toward their future. She asked all of the trainees if they see a future for themselves in the construction industry, and they all said yes.