Touring Flood Zones Along the Saw Mill River With DOT

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

February 23, 2012

Senator Stewart-Cousins invited representatives from the Department of Transportation to her district for a tour of flood zones along the Saw Mill Parkway. On the tour, DOT gave the Senator on-site progress reports of their debris clean- up efforts along the Saw Mill River. In many communities throughout the region, debris build-up has worsened flooding problems. To provide some relief, DOT workers have pulled several tons of downed trees, garbage and rubble from the Saw Mill in Mt. Pleasant and Greenburgh, and they just began clean- up efforts in Yonkers. This project was initiated in January at the request of the Saw Mill River Watershed Advisory Board (SWAB), which works to alleviate the regional flooding problems in Westchester. Senator Stewart-Cousins, who is represented on SWAB by her Director of Constituent Affairs Janis Morris, was instrumental in placing a representative from DOT on the board.