Andrea Stewart-Cousins

November 23, 2010

On Decemeber 1st , countries across the globe will celebrate World AIDS Day, honoring those who have fallen to HIV/AIDS, and in doing so use the day to increase awareness of the rising infection rates and what can be done to stop this trend. In recognition of World AIDS Day, Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins is urging people to increase their own awareness of HIV/AIDS and also get themselves tested.One way to stop the rise in infections rates is to be aware of the facts of the disease, including how one becomes infected and the ways it can be transmitted. HIV/AIDS is most often contracted through sexual activity, which practicing safe sex can help to prevent.

According to CDC estimates, over a million people are living with HIV in the United States, and one in five (21%) of those people are unaware of their infection. Because symptoms of the disease are indistinguishable, testing is crucial to controlling the rates of infection.

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