Jordan Czerniawski

June 09, 2011


Jordan Czerniawski

Award: Veterans' Hall of Fame

Year: 2011

Jordan Czerniawski, February 12, 1931 – December 10, 2010

A dedicated veterans’ advocate and loving family man.

Jordan Czerniawski  was proud to be an American and was proud to have gotten the chance to fight for his country.  Drafted in December 1951, just a year after marrying his neighborhood sweetheart, Phyllis, Czerniawski entered the Army on January 10, 1952 and headed to Fort Dix for training. He remained in Fort Dix eight months, longer than expected after being slowed by a hernia operation, necessitated by lugging around 100-plus pound sacks of potatoes. Czerniawski shipped out to Korea in September 1952 to join the Korean War. Overseas, Czerniawski was promoted to platoon sergeant of the 223rd Infantry Regiment of the 40th Division and it became his job to keep his troop of 20 men physically fit, up to date on their weapons and familiar with security practices like listening posts and patrols.  Czerniawski was discharged as a sergeant on October 23, 1953.

Czerniawski was commander of Blazing Star Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Travis, and a former chaplain and first vice president of Cpl. Allan F. Kivlehan Chapter, Korean War Veterans of America.  Always proud to march in parades on Staten Island, he thought it was important to let people know that veterans are still around.

Mr.  Czerniawski’s service was rewarded with a half dozen medals. He received the United Nation’s Service Medal, The National Defense Medal, the New York State Medal, the Korean War Veteran Ambassador for Peace Medal and the Combat Infantryman’s’ Badge, of which he was most proud. In June of 2000, Czerniawski was honored with a medal from the Korean Ambassador during a ceremony at the Korean War Veteran Memorial in Manhattan’s Battery Park.

Czerniawski met his wife, Phyllis, when they were both just 14 years old in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They married at 20 and were together for almost 60 years. Phyllis was always the wind beneath his wings. Together they have three daughters. Czerniawski loved his daughters, Nancy, Vanessa and Stacey with all his heart and had a very special and unique bond with each one of them. 

His love for his four grandchildren, Jillien, Jordan, Joseph and Dylan was immeasurable. They brought great joy to his life. 

He was loved much and is missed more so.