Senate Takes Action to End the GEA School Aid Cuts

A few years ago, when all of State government was controlled by just one political party, New York's children were repeatedly hurt by bad decisions made by politicians in Albany.

Among the worst of these decisions was the creation of the disastrous Gap Elimination Adjustment or GEA.  The GEA was nothing more than a multi-billion dollar budget-cutting scheme -- a scheme that negatively impacted millions of New York's children by slashing funding to school districts throughout our state.

That is why Senator Lanza was pleased to kick off the 2016 Session by supporting Senate-approved legislation that would completely eliminate the GEA budget cuts once and for all. 

By making this the first order of business in 2016, Lanza and colleagues are sending a clear message that they intend to lead the fight to increase investment in our local schools and our children's future.  Eliminating the GEA cuts will mean more resources for classroom instruction and quality programs -- helping to ensure an outstanding education for every child, in every school throughout New York State.