Jacko’s ice cream parlor is a real ‘old-fashioned’ treat

Betty Little

September 06, 2012

Senator Betty Little is pictured with Kay Tomasi at the counter of Jacko’s Corner, an old-fashioned soda fountain located on the corner of Main Street and East Broadway in Salem, Washington County.  Pictured behind the counter are operators Justin and Theresa Rushinski who worked with Kay to restore the soda fountain back to its former glory.

Jacko’s was run for decades by Kay’s father-in-law, Jacko Tomasi, but closed after his passing in 1982.  Reopening the store required extensive work.  Kay, known for her work to preserve the region’s heritage, and Justin of Justin Rushinski Masonry, enlisted a team of local craftsmen to restore the cabinetry, iron, light fixtures and original ice cream parlor tables and chairs.

The hallmark feature of Jacko’s is the original and beautiful soda fountain back bar with stained glass, mirror and antique lighting fixtures.  A Wurlitzer juke box entertains patrons with records original to the store.

Soda fountain flavors include cream, cola, hibiscus and sarsaparilla.  Also offered are egg creams, malts and ice cream sundaes.

The Rushinskis are proud to feature many locally grown and produced products, including Battenkill Valley Creamery ice cream.  In the back of the store, patrons will find an array of “penny” candies as well as dry goods and healthy foods, including fresh produce.

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