Kate Miller

May 11, 2011


Kate Miller


Year: 2011

Kate Miller captured the energy from the grief of a personal tragedy and harvested it into something that would help others. When her only child, Cody, complained about seasonal allergies during the summer of 2007, their doctor gave him Singulair, a new prescription that was used to treat symptoms of asthma and allergies. After only 17 days on the medication, Cody hung himself. With no history of emotional problems, his death left his friends and family searching for answers.

Grief stricken but unwavering in her commitment, Ms. Miller and her husband researched suicide extensively. They found that, just months earlier, depression was found by researchers to be determined as a possible psychological side e­ effect on adults and children taking Singulair.

Since that day in 2007, Ms. Miller has made it her mission to prevent another tragedy by raising awareness and having the potential side e­ffects officially addressed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). After two trips to Washington, D.C. to meet with and testify before the FDA, her relentless determination paid off­ . The drug Singulair now carries the warning that could have prevented her own tragedy and will undoubtedly make a di­fference for so many others.

To raise awareness and prevent teenage suicide, Ms. Miller also started the “Hike for Hope -- Cody’s Climb,” an annual event in Lake George.

Ms. Miller has shown all those around her that one person really can make a di­fference. Cody’s legacy lives on through her extraordinary focus and compassion. Her strength and perseverance are inspiration to us all.