North Creek Mosaic Project Complete -- A Beautiful Work of Art

Betty Little

October 01, 2013

I had the incredible honor and good fortune of setting the last piece to complete the North Creek Mosaic Project.  Over 500 volunteers, including local residents, seasonal guests, students and artists, had a hand in creating this masterpiece, a more than 180-foot mural depicting recreation and wildlife in the Adirondacks.  The mosaic comprises tens of thousands of broken bits of glass, tiles, seashells and stained glass, much of which was donated.

I’m pictured with Kate Hartley, the lead artist, and I can’t say enough about her vision, talent and ability to coordinate this labor of love over the past three years.  It captures the beauty of the region and the sense of community that makes this such a special place.  The final piece was part of an antique bottle from the Riverside Bottling Company.  Setting the last piece was my good fortune because my ticket was drawn for a fundraising raffle.

When traveling through the Adirondacks, please make a point of driving down Main Street in North Creek – you’re certain to smile when you see this beautiful creation of public art.