The Strand in Plattsburgh welcomes Cirque Eloize for a special performance

Betty Little

June 10, 2013

The Strand Theatre in Plattsburgh was the venue for a very special performance of Cirque Eloize on Friday, June 7.

Keene Central students filled the front of the historic theatre and were dazzled by the talented and entertaining performers who juggled, tumbled and spun around in a giant metal hoop to music featured in the show Cirkopolis.

Senator Betty Little, Strand Theatre Executive Director Janine Scherline, and many other theatre and community leaders welcomed the performers.  Following the show, students were invited to ask questions of the performers and then a few of the teachers joined the performers on stage for an entertaining finale.

The performers of Cirque Éloize, currently in the northeast to promote their 2013 shows and summer camps, wanted to find unique opportunities to give back to the community in between their studio media interviews. Their visit to the Strand Theatre  brightened the day for students and helped local and state officials underscore the economic impact of having a vibrant arts community.

As chair of the Senate Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation Committee, Senator Little spoke for a few minutes about how the arts enrich lives and promote economic activity in communities across the state.

Proctors Theater in Schenectady recently signed a five-year commitment with Cirque Éloize, becoming the summer home for their productions during the month of August.  In addition to performances, Cirque Éloize will be hosting summer camps at the Proctors School of the Performing Arts for children and adults.