NYC Council: Public Hearing on Central Park Jogger Case (Comptroller Liu and Senator Bill Perkins)

Bill Perkins

February 13, 2013

Senator Bill Perkins insists that for the sake of justice,the Central Park Five must be paid!


The time has come, the moment is now! This is not the first time we have heard a

lengthy and detailed outline and enumeration of the particulars of the Central Park

Five case. These are a stark and distressing set of facts. No more need be said.

Except, having been there, with the five, from the beginning: as a neighbor, as a

friend, as a community activist out to see that justice was done, I’m compelled to

add, without further ado, it’s past time that these men get paid!


No matter what, the time is now. No matter the amount, it is not enough, not to

restore to these long suffering men the years, the living and the trust they have lost.

Justice delayed, is justice denied. This protracted outrage of justice remains, and

will remain, an indelible stain on our city’s record.


It reminds us of the urgency of our struggle against racism, the stubborn and

fundamental tendency we must overcome in our city and in America.


Justice must no longer be delayed, the Central Park Five have got to be paid. Peace