Sue Susman

May 15, 2012


Sue Susman


Year: 2012

Sue Susman is known as “communications central” for concerns involving affordable housing in New York City. She has been a driving force in tackling issues in her Upper West Side Manhattan neighborhood ranging from wheelchair accessibility to new building developments.

After an illustrious career in teaching law at Brooklyn Law School, Columbia Law School and Central Park East Secondary School in East Harlem, Ms. Susman decided to use her education and experience to help those in need. She became president of the Central Park Gardens Tenants’ Association and found herself leading the charge as her building and 64 others faced major rent increases. It was her dedication and hard work with the Central Park Gardens Tenants’ Association that led her to become involved with the Mitchell-Lama Residents Coalition, Tenants & Neighbors, and the Community Service Society, among other groups.

Known for her persistence and her unwavering dedication, Ms. Susman created awareness websites and currently administers the website (and Facebook and Twitter accounts) of the Real Rent Reform Campaign, which is a coalition of over 65 tenant, labor, religious, civic, and other groups. Branching out, she recently set up a website in conjunction with other West Side residents on wheelchair accessibility.

Ms. Susman’s work does not only include helping West Side residents. She has also used her talents for the United Methodist Office for the United Nations, designing seminars and materials on international affairs, and has worked as poster-maker for anti-Vietnam war groups. Ms. Susman is the recipient of many awards and honorable mentions, including in the Congressional Record: mention by Congressman Charles B. Rangel, the Goddard Riverside Community Center Good Neighbor Award, and the Park West Village Tenants Association Award.

Ms. Susman’s tireless efforts for the betterment of her neighborhood have benefitted countless people in her community and beyond.