Tell Mayor Bloomberg & the NYC Council: No Excuses for School Cuts

Bill Perkins

May 31, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg proposes to cut $350 million directly from the classroom, by removing 6,000 teachers from our schools through attrition and layoffs. In addition, the Mayor is proposing $79 million in cuts to early childhood education and $34 million in cuts to community-based after school programs. This would mean cuts to all schools and would lead to the sharpest rises in class size in over thirty years when there are clear alternatives. Fight back now.

Arts, music, performing arts, physical education, career and technical education, libraries and intervention services would also be hard hit. The Mayor's budget represents a major step backwards in New York's commitment to quality education and is morally unconscionable.

Tell Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council to invest in school improvement, not cut programs, increase class sizes or take teachers out of the classroom but we need your help.


Click HERE to sign the petition that lets Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council know that there are no excuses for school cuts!