Tributary Messages for Elombe Brath: Our Living Hero

Bill Perkins

May 07, 2013



As you may already know on Saturday, May 11, 2013 we will be paying tribute to our hero, brother and friend Elombe Brath. Saturday's program is rich with expressions of  love from many who know him and have shared experiences with him over the years.  your feedback has been tremendous and we anticipate a great turnout.

Some of you who are unable to make it have already contacted us with messages for Elombe in your absence.  In recognition of the many who would like to send a message to Elombe or share a thought about all of the many contributions he has made I have dedicated this page on my website.  The page will remain up and will be printed and given to Elombe and his family.  

Please identify yourself with your comment.  Thank you,  




Senator Bill Perkins

30th District


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3)   On the Senator’s page look for “Top News”. You will see the title “Tributary Messages for Elombe Brath: Our Living Hero”. Click the title.

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